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The Sports Medicine Physical Therapy program at Children’s Hospital Colorado provides sports injury physical therapy services for active children and young athletes. Our team of sports medicine physical therapists provide each athlete with a customized, at-home exercise program. They also offer both the athlete and their parents information about the important role physical therapy plays in making a safe and healthy return to sports. If an injury requires surgery, a sports medicine therapist acts as a liaison between the surgeon and the family, reporting progress to the doctor on a regular basis.

Meet Our Team

For any questions, contact:

  • Robert Lopez, MAT, LAT, ATC, CES | Certified Athletic Trainer | Orthopedics Institute | Children's Hospital Colorado | robert.lopez@childrenscolorado.org
  • Bridget Younger, MEd, LAT, ATC | Program Manager, Sports Medicine Center | Orthopedics Institute | bridget.younger@childrenscolorado.org

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July 6, 20217:00amLive & On-DemandAerobic Exercise in Pediatric Sports Related ConcussionBrittney Millett, MS, ATC, LAT & Dr. Julie Wilson, MD
August 3, 2021 On-DemandSlipped Capital Femoral EpiphysisGreg Waltner, ATC
August 6, 20218:00amLive

Rehab and Return to Sport Decision Making ollowing ACL Reconstruction in the Adolescent Athlete

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September 7, 2021 On-DemandIncreasing Mobility for Better PerformanceMegan Ramsey, ATC
October 5, 2021 On-DemandSports Medicine Center ACL Rehab and Return to Sport Testing UpdatesShane Noffsinger, DPT
November 2, 2021 On-DemandUse of PRP as a Therapeutic Treatment in Throwing
Alan Rail, ATC
December 7, 2021 On-DemandRecognizing, Categorizing and Managing AC Joint
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