Thank you for attending the ERAS Society® Pediatrics Virtual Meeting on June 17, 2022!  Below are links to access the course materials.  If you have any questions, please contact Jade Freeman at


Friday, June 17th


PDF icon Session 1_Patient Reported Outcome Measures_Zee.pdf

PDF icon Session 2_ERAS for Abulatory Surgery_Childress.pdf

PDF icon Session 3_Financial Impact of ERAS_Scott.pdf

PDF icon Session 4_Developing ERAS Guidelines for Peds Surgery_Brindle.pdf

PDF icon Session 6_Presidential Address_Franklin.pdf

PDF icon Session 7_Multimodal Analgesia Panel_de Beer.pdf

PDF icon Session 8_ERAS and Data Science_Gort.pdf

PDF icon Session 9_Nursing and AP are Stakeholders_Williams.pdf

PDF icon Session 10_ERAS Literature_Heiss.pdf



Research Updates in Pediatric ERAS - Presented by Dr. Mehul Raval
Due to time constraints, this presentation was not originally played during the conference.